Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay: Part 2

Woman pegging a man
Pegging is a woman fucking a man with a strap-on dildo. Can it make you feel gay?

After my first time getting pegged (which was an amazing experience) I wrote about about my concerns whether getting pegged would make me want to start doing it with men. It’s a difficult thing to write about because even though I know there’s nothing wrong with being gay, being straight is a part of my identity.

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Lube and Condoms – Love and Hate

I use condoms. I hate condoms. But without lube…

Well, I just started writing a story which will be the next post chronologically but the previous post if you are scrolling down on your screen. Anyway, rather than talk about condoms and lube in that post, I thought I’d keep that one the story and give the condom/lube topic the attention it deserves.

Man, oh man I hate condoms. Oh, you too?

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Do Women Enjoy Peggin Men?

Do women enjoy pegging men? Why or why not?
Do women enjoy pegging men? Why or why not?

It’s something I am curious about. Does the idea of pegging your man turn you on? When you are doing it, does it give you pleasure?

I think I can imagine a few scenarios on how it might work but if there are any women reading this, I’d really love your comments on this one. Do you enjoy pegging your guy? Without your comments, here are the scenarios I can imagine.
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Suck my balls, peg my ass


It was sexy time. We were freshly showered and naked in the bedroom. I jumped onto the bed and with my wife still standing at the foot of the bed, I spread my legs in what I imagine, were she to make the same gesture, an invitation to dine.

I was, without a shred of subtlety, but with what I hoped was a little comedy, asking her to start the afternoon’s delight by whetting her appetite by… wetting my balls… with her tongue.

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Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

One of the benefits of getting pegged is that you know what it’s like to get fucked. My first “anal sex” experience was not with me getting fucked though. It was me fucking a girl I’d met that night and it was her hand that guided me there. However, with a little bit more knowledge I could have done better.


Now, with some experience in both roles – giver and receiver – it puts me in a position to offer some advice to potential anal first timers. Advice I wish I had had.

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So we didn’t use the strap-on, but…


So we didn’t use the strap-on but we had a great night. So far, I have to say that even the idea of getting out the strap-on makes the sex better!

Here’s what happened.

I got home and she was already home. She was in the shower. I peeked in to say hello and in reply she smiled at me then looked pointedly at my crotch then back up at me.

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Are we pegging tonight?

My wife is at work. I sent her some messages while she is at work. I’m horny and I want to fuck tonight. I’m so horny that I want some anal play.

Let’s play tonight I’m very horny What’s new? 😉 Haha, yeah… Wanna play? 😉 Ok I’m very horny I’m at work. Not horny. But I might be tonight. I might want you to fuck me tonight. Strap on OK 🙂

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