My First Strap-On – Review of the Red-Rider


The Red Rider is the first strap on I ever used. I like it. Here’s why.

I bought this toy over two years ago. It took a lot of thinking about it before we ordered it and it took a while before we actually used it but when we did it for the first time it was well worth it.

But, to review the Red Rider.

What you get


Included in the box is a dildo (about 7 inches) and a harness. The harness includes one o-ring sized to fit the dildo. (The harness hold the o-ring that in turn hold the dildo. Here’s more details on how strap-ons work.)

How it fits

My wife put this on the moment we opened it (over clothes) and had no trouble figuring out the straps.

When she puts it on for actual use, there’s no pinched skin and everything seems comfortable. Also, there’s no slipping – the dildo stays in place and if there is ever any need to tighten straps, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it.

No complaints.

How it feels

My first impression was that it was quite big. And the curve was slightly intimidating – Will that hurt?

Also the tip is quite narrow and tapers to a thicker base over the whole length of the dildo – How will that feel?

To answer those questions: no and really good.

The tapering isn’t noticeable in either a good or a bad way. The size I think is good for beginner peggers who already know they enjoy anal play whether that is solo or with your partner. As for the curve, well I think it works. If it was designed to hit your prostate, I guess that’s what it does. Let me just say that I can’t compare any solo play with how this felt. Overwhelming good.

So, no complaints.


It’s cheap.

Nylon plastic straps and they’re as thin as they can get without getting uncomfortable.

A thin foam pad that sits behind the dildo.

A PVC dildo. (Quality = silicone.)

BUT! – I have got some good use out of this toy and when you compare prices, this has to be the best pleasure to dollar ratio for strap-on dildo harness sets.

AND! – Even after two years, there’s nothing wrong with our Red Rider. It may be cheap but it’s not like those toys I used to buy at the dollar store that broke before I even got home.

No complaints.


This is a great toy and perfect for beginners because it ticks two big boxes. First, it’s not expensive. That means you can buy this and not worry if you realize that pegging isn’t for you. And hey, you get a dildo out of it too!

Second, it works. It’s comfortable to wear and it feels good to get fucked with.

I really recommend the Red Rider as a beginner dildo and harness set for those wanting to try pegging for the first time.

(Here are a few other dildo harness sets I’ve recommended at

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Let me fuck you.

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