Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

One of the benefits of getting pegged is that you know what it’s like to get fucked. My first “anal sex” experience was not with me getting fucked though. It was me fucking a girl I’d met that night and it was her hand that guided me there. However, with a little bit more knowledge I could have done better.


Now, with some experience in both roles – giver and receiver – it puts me in a position to offer some advice to potential anal first timers. Advice I wish I had had.

The following advice is for both roles. The guy (being the one with the cock going up the ass) and the partner (cock or pussy, you’re the one taking it up the bum).


For the guy:
Your job is to make sure your partner is communicating with you. So at the beginning, every thing you do, ask “Are you OK?”, “Is this OK?”, and “How does this feel?”.

For the partner:
You’re the one most likely to experience discomfort or even pain so regardless of how encouraging of communication your partner is, try to be the one in control. Many people will say do this by “getting on top”. I say, just direct traffic and you’ll be fine. Also, cow-whatever position isn’t the best for everyone so lying back and telling your parter exactly how what they are doing is making you feel might be best for you.

Solo, small, slow, stop

For the guy:
Small. Anal sex should really be called anal play, because sex sounds like penis in pussy. Before you try anal “sex”, you should just try anal fingering. It’s smaller and gives your partner a better chance of enjoying the experience pain-free.
Go slow. Assholes don’t like to be stretched quickly. They can and do break. Slow means slowly expand that ring of muscle – finger, toy, finally, when your partner is ready, cock.
Stop. You’re itching to get your cock up that ass. I know. But if it’s your first time playing with your partner’s ass, just let them enjoy that, stop, and let anal sex be something they look forward to next time. What I’m really saying is, be prepared to stop. Don’t do it if you’re both not 100%.

For the partner:
Solo. Don’t expect that if the first thing going up your bum is the hard cock of an over eager young man you will enjoy it. If you don’t understand your own ass, it’s quite likely there will be some discomfort when you let him take it for a spin.
Small. As above.
Slow. Your partner is likely to be eager, so really, the message here is communication again. Tell him immediately when he needs to slow down or stop. He won’t know.
Stop. There can be quite a bit of pressure for a successful anal experience. You might feel like you should just endure a bit longer, or something similar. No. You should say stop whenever you want or need to. Again, communication.


For the guy:
Your partner is going to feel the need for lube before you do. So make sure you have it within reach and apply it liberally and regularly.
Start with lube and a finger. Rub or massage around the sphincter and directly over the hole. Slowly push a lubed-up finger in. Communication!

For the partner:
Lube will make it easier for you and increase your pleasure. Saliva works but lube is better.

Your advice

I know there is more to add here so I hope that anyone reading can flesh out this anal sex advice for beginners with their own tips and experience. Nothing teaches like experience.

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