Do Women Enjoy Peggin Men?

Do women enjoy pegging men? Why or why not?
Do women enjoy pegging men? Why or why not?

It’s something I am curious about. Does the idea of pegging your man turn you on? When you are doing it, does it give you pleasure?

I think I can imagine a few scenarios on how it might work but if there are any women reading this, I’d really love your comments on this one. Do you enjoy pegging your guy? Without your comments, here are the scenarios I can imagine.

Scenario 1 – Just for Fun

The man wants to try it, the woman agrees to try it and enjoys it for the unique experience it is. Nothing more or less. There’s no physically sexual pleasure nor is there any pain in the experience for her so besides the thrill of doing something new and seeing her partner enjoy himself, there’s no other motivation to try it again. At the same time, neither is there any reason to avoid it.

Similar to a woman who doesn’t care too much about blowjobs, she will oblige him if he asks but won’t love or hate it.

Scenario 2 – Love the Idea

There’s something attractive about the idea of having a cock and fucking someone. As if having a cock is like wearing the cape of a super hero.

In this case, I can imagine two outcomes. The first is where the woman tries pegging her partner and realises “Hey, what about me?” The second is that the woman sees the pleasure her new super powers can give her partner and she relishes the chance to fuck him again.

Scenario 3 – Fuck You

The woman in this scenario is very into pegging her partner because she wants him to submit to her. She sees it as a way to assert dominance. Whether this domination is merely a way to spice up bedroom activities, is how sex works for this couple or is a deeper issue is not the point – the point is the attraction to pegging is in the man submitting to the woman and the woman penetrating him as an act of dominance.

(For some, I imagine the psychology of this to be an extreme turn on.)

Scenario 4 – Love the Kink

Some of us are just kinky deviants and the woman in this scenario loves pegging or the idea of pegging because it’s not the norm – because something going up his ass is not what we are taught to believe is what sex is about.

Also: She Doesn’t Want to Peg

I can also see that some women might really be against pegging. Similar to men being against pegging because they are worried it would make them (seem) gay, some women might be very turned off by the idea of seeing their partner in the “position of a woman” or being a “sissy” as it conflicts too strongly with the image of a man they have been brought up with.

Almost humorously, I can imagine some women might be worried he would like it too much.

Also like some men have mental trouble (just as I did) with physically getting into the receiving position – meaning exposing your asshole for penetration – some women might have trouble conceptualizing being in the role of penetrator.


So those are the theories I have. My wife was more of a scenario 1 and 2 situation – initially she was open to the idea but she wasn’t pushing me to let her peg me. If I remember correctly, I was the one who brought it up. Then, wearing the strap-on was fun and she seemed to enjoy swinging her “cock” around. Then, fucking me was exciting but the excitement ran out pretty quickly. Though pegging is something we do on occasion, it’s something done for me, not because she gets any (or much) excitement or pleasure from the act, other than seeing me enjoy it.

Still, I’d love to hear from any readers – what is your (or the pegger in your life/butt) perception of pegging. Do you get turned on by the idea or the act? Do you desire to fuck your partner with a strap on dildo? Do you hate the idea?

8 thoughts on “Do Women Enjoy Peggin Men?”

  1. I can’t speak for woman since I’m not one, but I have some experience with women and using them. I’ve had three encounters with three different women involving strap ons/dildos on my ass. In each case it was at my request, and each time they did it to humor me. They didn’t seem to really get off on it, or get into it. Once was in a three way MFM situation, and it was kind of playing with dominance and kink in general. The other two times it was just more like a “hey, I’d like to try this” and they said sure. It was a good time regardless…

    1. Yes, this is the impression I have of my wife too. It’s kind of fun for her, but there’s no sexual pleasure for her in fucking me and she doesn’t have any special interest or kink that lets her enjoy the sight of me getting fucked by her so for the most part, just like her giving me a blowjob, it’s for my pleasure that she does it. But a lot of things in marriage and sex are like that. We look after each other.

  2. My husband talked me into trying pegging. He was convinced I wanted to but just the thought of it turned me off… Hoping it was a phase and he would forget about it, boy was I wrong. It consumed him so I tried it.. He did not want to do it again so I was off the hook. Then the next weekend he asked again. This time I hated doing it. Then he asked again and this time I just said no and that I honestly do not want to do it again. For me personally it was a turn off, just not a role I want to play. I wish I never tried it cause now I know it is something he wants and I did not enjoy doing it either time..

    1. You’re right – some things aren’t for everyone. I think it was good of you to try, really good of you to try it twice (just to be sure it’s not something you could come to enjoy) but if you didn’t speak up and say “Hey, this isn’t for me and I actually dislike doing it.” then it would become worse and worse, I think.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve spoken up. When it comes to sex, never do anything you’re not comfortable doing, especially if you’ve tried it twice and have confirmed that sense of discomfort!

  3. My wife has the similar reaction to Some Things Are Not for Everyone. She understands the physical pleasure i.e. the P-Spot and indulges with reluctance with some anal stimulation but she has drawn the line with pegging. Refuses to try it and says “she does not want to be the man”. We have a Fun Factory Share (similar to the Feeldoe, a strapless option) which stimulates her however I am the active partner, she will never take on the more active roll. Part may be a conservative upbringing and part, after many years of marriage, well I am more exploratory, she has become more conservative. Yet still on my bucket list.

    1. Hi J. It sounds like you have a generous wife. Even though she’s not so interested in pegging, she’s still giving it a go (at least as far as she’s comfortable with).

      I’d say, if you’re using the Funfactory Share together, even with you doing all the work, that’s still pegging. If she’s wearing it and it’s going up your bum, I think it counts.

      Still, I can understand your disappointment at not being able to lie back and feel her “fucking” you. It’s a great feeling. But that’s relationships – compromise. Respecting out partner’s limits is super important and plays a big part pegging.

  4. Hi Guys! I am a girl and I love it. Nothing turns me on more than him begging to be pegged and then how he moans and groans while I am inside him. It doesnt give me an orgasm but it turns me on so much that just a touch of a finger sends me over the top. Im in no way attracted to women bur I love being dominant and knowing after giving him that type of pleasure he will do anything to please me. But then again if he doesnt he gets the paddle.

    1. Hi Pegger, thanks for the comment. Great to hear from a woman who enjoys the act of pegging!

      My wife is certainly willing but it’s the willingness of a generous lover, not a true passion or pleasure for her.

      One of the hardest things to come to terms with is that pegging or getting pegged doesn’t make you gay. It certainly challenges the roles we have grown up learning though. But what it all comes down to is that what happens in the bedroom is your own private business. If both(/all) partners are having a good time then take what-ever road you want to find sexual pleasure.

      And, by the way, your description of pegging him is hot!

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