I Took My Pants Off and the Sex was Amazing


I don’t know how sex starts for most married couples but for us (we’ve been married for a few years now) it usually starts with us getting undressed. It’s not like it used to be.

We used to be more passionate – we’d start kissing, fondling would lead to undressing and finally one of us would race for the lube and condoms. Oh how I hate condoms.

This story starts with me getting undressed. Well, I took my pants off, at least.

My wife was sitting at the coffee table using her laptop. Somehow I got the feeling she was in the mood. I don’t know what her signals are and I suspect half of them go by me blind – potential sex lost in the wind.

This time, I picked up on something and took my pants off. She looked away from the screen as my pants fell and as I sat down, she moved towards me with a smirk. She made a comment about something that I’ll never remember – funny how things seem to lose importance as a woman is about to put her mouth around your cock.

She lifted me up and a sudden warmth and soft sucking pulled a groan from me which in turn caused my wife to giggle – presumable with glee at the power she has over me when giving me head.

Alas, timing was bad and she had to leave which meant my blowjob ended after a few minutes. No orgasm.

I also had things to do and it wasn’t till the afternoon that we were both back in the house. My wife suggested we take a shower together. Now this signal is obvious even to me.

We got in the shower, kissing and washing and once dry, we went to the bedroom. We kissed again, laid down and like a hero in a sex story, I kissed my way down her body, trailing kisses between her breasts, kissing over her soft belly and down below.

After some time licking her softly, I moved up to her clit, my finger softly stroking its way deeper inside her. She started making the noises I know mean she is getting closer to orgasm. Her hand became tangled in my hair. I slowed down.

Yes, I’m mean. (Evil laugh here.)

I stopped tonguing her clit. My finger withdrew. I moved my kisses to her thighs and lower belly. She swore.

I stood up and moved my crotch to her mouth. She took me in and again I groaned. I leant over and put my mouth on her pussy again. Another groan, this time from her.

I licked her deeply, giving pleasure but not working for her orgasm. Her hips were writhing – another signal I understood yet I ignored it.

“Will you put on the strap on for me?”

She got it out of the drawer, put it on and I lay back on the bed. She got into position between my legs then took me back into her mouth. After a moment, she stopped to put some lube on her finger then as she went back to sucking me, her finger started rubbing around my ass hole.

I clenched then relaxed and she pushed her finger in. Getting head with a finger in your bum is amazing. I recommend it even if you have no interest in pegging.

She stopped and standing on her knees, lubed up the dildo. She pushed my legs back with a grin. (This seems to be something she enjoys – certain moments that especially demonstrate the reverse of our sexual roles.) She put the dildo to my anus and looking at me to check I was OK, pushed gently.

After some entry negotiation, she was in and she started stroking the dildo in and out, simultaneously stroking my cock with her hand. Overwhelming pleasure.

I enjoy cumming with her fucking me but I can’t tease her so much and finish without her cumming as well so after some pegging with a lot of groaning from me, I asked her to stop and after donning a condom, I slid inside her and we fucked to our mutual orgasm. Amazing.

4 thoughts on “I Took My Pants Off and the Sex was Amazing”

  1. My wife has be using a dildo on me for years. It all started when I forced her to take my dick in her ass. When we was doNE see told me to lay on my stomach that she had a suppress for me. As I lay there she got lotion out and started rubbing my back ass and legs getting g closer to my ass hole. And all of a sudden I felt this sharp pain and she had shoved a dildo up my ass and said now you know how it feels. After abut 3 mins it started to feel good and I blew the biggest load of my life all over the bed. Now I can’t get enough

    1. I don’t think forcing anything up anyones ass is a good idea in any circumstance but I can understand how you would come to enjoy anal play. I’m a fan myself, obviously!

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