Lube and Condoms – Love and Hate

I use condoms. I hate condoms. But without lube…

Well, I just started writing a story which will be the next post chronologically but the previous post if you are scrolling down on your screen. Anyway, rather than talk about condoms and lube in that post, I thought I’d keep that one the story and give the condom/lube topic the attention it deserves.

Man, oh man I hate condoms. Oh, you too?

I remember someone giving us a sex ed talk say don’t listen to excuses like “It kills the passion.” His message was that you still need to use condoms and I agree but it really does kill the passion. It’s so logical. So planned. So conscious. And passion doesn’t come from logical, cognitive actions. It’s more about reaction. It should be an unconscious, instinctual drive. Then you have to stop all that and say, “Hold on while I get a condom.”

That’s not the only reason I hate condoms. And I’m not even talking about how they rob you of the skin on skin wet feeling of naked sex.

I’ve been an idiot a few times and not used condoms. I’ve even done the “Just the Tip” game. (Wedding Crashers reference, just FYI.)

But as good as condomless sex is, I found/find pulling out becomes more and more difficult. (I love finishing inside, but without a condom that is just unthinkable for me until we are ready for children.)

Having condomless sex for a few minutes then putting the condom on has shown me just how much a condom robs you of sensation.

The main problem I have is that they are so drying. We are constantly needing to use saliva or lube to stop the condom drying everything out down there.

If you think stopping to put a condom on ruins “the mood”, wait till you have to deal with “Ah, it’s too dry, more lube please.” When you’re going for an extended session, it gets old quick. And any time my cock slips out, the condom seems to dry up instantly.

SliquidSilkBut we are ready to risk great sex for a 20 year financial committment yet (talking about babies) so we use condoms. And lube.

Our lube of choice is Sliquid, specifically the one pictured – Sliquid Silk. It’s water based lube mixed with a bit of silicone lube to thicken it and help it last a bit longer, though we still have to apply it multiple times on longer sessions.

We love Sliquid because both of us feel a burning sensation (that was a big surprise for me! – it wasn’t my cock that was burning) with other lubes (perhaps a glycol or glycerol intolerance) and this one is about as natural and additive free as you can find.

We’ve tried a few Sliquids but found the H2O to be a bit thin. The others were good but this is the one we seem to go back to. When we do decide to give up condoms (I’ll be a very happy man!) we’ll probably still use this lube.

Untill that day we’ll be using condoms and applying lube and having sex that isn’t quite as wet and wonderful as it could be but that is the price of not having children before you want.

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