New Sex Toys on Holiday

My wife and I recently went on holiday. A few weeks before we left, I suggested we choose and buy each other a sex toy for the trip and surprise each other with our choice once we got to the hotel.


I got quite a surprise.

But at least it gave me a story to share!

So the toy I got for my wife was a new vibe. We have been using something like the Hitachi wand for a long time because it works well. And because it’s a plug in toy, it goes as long as you want.

We had a rechargeable one in a similar massager style to the Hitachi but the battery tended to run out and anytime a vibrator’s battery runs out, it’s the worst moment for a battery to run out. The new one we have – the Lelo “Gigi 2” – seems to be able to handle us with ease, even if we use it the next day without recharging it. It’s the most expensive toy I’ve ever bought but I think it’s worth getting one better quality item that last ages and work properly than 5 cheap versions that break down and never really work properly in the first place… Anyway, it’s a toy I recommend as well worth the price.

The Gigi 2 - A rechargeable vibe I recommend.
The Gigi 2 – A rechargeable vibe I can wholeheartedly recommend.

The first night in the hotel involved a soapy shared shower, presenting my wife’s sex toy, some pussy licking, using the vibrator (which I’m proud to mention I had the foresight to open and secretly charge ready to use when we opened it at the hotel) and, what has only happened twice in our sex lives together, my wife had multiple orgasms. (She says it’s all one long orgasm but her reactions come in deep rolling waves that she also admits are probably the “multiple orgasms” people talk about.)

The next night was my turn. I was hoping for some kind of male masturbator. My wife enjoys sex once we get started but she doesn’t need it as often as I do and the last thing I want to do is have sex with my wife when she’s not into it. I’d rather wait (just, not without relieving my own pressure).

When she pulled a dildo (a.k.a. the vamp) out of the bag then pulled her dress up to show me she was wearing the strap on harness, I was shocked. I had no idea she would choose an anal toy for me.

The toy my wife bought to peg me with on our "Sex Toy Surprise" sex night.
The toy my wife bought to peg me with on our “Sex Toy Surprise” sex night.

Well, I cracked up, laughing my head off as she loosened the harness, slid the dildo into place and strapped back up again.

She started wanking her “cock”, looking at me in what I guess was an attempt to be hungrily seductive but came of more as angry-confused, to more laughter from me.

I disrobed.

Whether in return for the previous night or just to seduce me properly, my wife went down on me with a soft, slow precision, as if savoring the experience of sucking my cock and balls.

When I start getting head, I really want to pleasure my wife at the same time but she pushed my hands away several times before finally pausing in her cock sucking to tell me just to sit back and let her do “this”. I consoled myself with holding her hair and enjoyed the sight of her tongue pushing my balls to either side, sliding over my sack and up my cock, literally from base to tip. Each lick was starting lower and lower, and my moans encouraged her.

Yes, lick my ass baby.

She did. Her tongue swirled over my asshole and balls and up over my cock. I was in heaven.

She took my cock in her mouth and her finger pushed into me.

Are you ready?

I was. She got some lube and her lubed finger slid into me. She lubed the new dildo still strapped to her crotch and my legs went back. I felt the tip touch my asshole, she pushed and without any trouble, she eased her dildo into my ass.

Ok, it wasn’t that easy. It took a little negotiation – stop, ok, wait, ok go, ah, just do it there for a bit, ok, go deeper, ok that’s good, and so on.

Then she was fucking me. And stroking my cock. And as usual, I was an incoherent jellyfish. With her stroking my cock and massaging my prostate with that fuck toy strapped to her hip, I lose my mind and the ability to comprehend anything outside the moment.

She fucked my ass with her strap on, stroked my cock and just as I started cumming, because I don’t like orgasming with anything in my ass and because she know this, she pulled her hips away from me pulling the dildo out of my ass and stroked me through a cum storm.

Towel please.

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