Pegging in the Movies

Perhaps one of the first instances of pegging in the mainstream cinema, here is a scene depicting a man getting pegged. It involves what seems to be a psycho nurse, a man who seems to be fresh out of jail and a lot of metaphoric imagery.

It’s pretty easy to see why this is movie from the 1970’s was rated one of the worst movies of all times. Have a laugh.

Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?

Pegging ArtImage from MIAOU

I’ve already written about my concerns about getting pegged¬†which touched on my concerns about the physicalities of the act and also about how it would make me look to my wife. I also briefly mentioned that I was worried about taking the submissive role. And, it isn’t easy to admit but I was also a little worried that getting fucked in the ass might make me feel gay. Continue reading Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?

Still Waiting


So we still haven’t done it. The strap on dildo is becoming something of an elephant in the room. And in a small way, something of a white elephant because being quite frugal I dislike spending money on useless stuff and a strap on dildo that goes unused definitely falls into that category. And we haven’t talked about her fucking me in a while either. Continue reading Still Waiting

Concerned About Being Pegged for the First Time

Shit NO!

Am I excited about the idea of being taken up the bum by my wife? Maybe a little bit. I want to do it because I know I enjoy anal play and I want to share that with my wife. I want to see if I can enjoy anal play with her and I want to give my wife the opportunity to turn the tables on me and be the one fucking my ass instead of the one being ass fucked. But to be honest, at this point, concern outweighs my excitement. Continue reading Concerned About Being Pegged for the First Time

What Made Me Consider Pegging


So as I said before, I am a heterosexual male and I am considering doing something that, I think, most people would consider very strange for a straight guy to do – I’m considering taking it up the butt.

My wife and I have recently bought a strap on harness but we haven’t used it yet. So why did we buy it? It’s a bit of a long story but here’s why: Continue reading What Made Me Consider Pegging

Wearing Her Cock for the First Time


So I recently bought a strap on dildo for my wife to use on me from an online sex shop – this one. Although I have been to “brick and mortar” stores before, no way am I shopping for something like that in real life. (The image above isn’t a picture of my wife, it’s just an image I borrowed from tumblr.) Continue reading Wearing Her Cock for the First Time