Concerned About Being Pegged for the First Time

Shit NO!

Am I excited about the idea of being taken up the bum by my wife? Maybe a little bit. I want to do it because I know I enjoy anal play and I want to share that with my wife. I want to see if I can enjoy anal play with her and I want to give my wife the opportunity to turn the tables on me and be the one fucking my ass instead of the one being ass fucked. But to be honest, at this point, concern outweighs my excitement.

This point, is before we have actually done anything. I thought we were going to give it a go last weekend, she even said to me that she was going to fuck my ass tonight but it never eventuated. Why not? Hard to say. I think we both want to but we are both hesitant to try it for the first time. We both have concerns and here are mine.

What I’m Worried About

Firstly, there are the obvious concerns with “What will she think of me?” as I have mentioned in earlier posts. Will she think I am gay? I know she won’t but the concern is still there.

Then I’m worried about what this change in roles will feel like. I don’t like the idea of “being a bitch” as some pegging fantasies go. I’m not here to be dominated, simply to explore anal stimulation. Still, one can’t avoid the fact that getting fucked generally puts you in the submissive role.

Another thing, that has recently started nagging at me, now that we get closer to the reality of my wife actually pegging me, is poo. Shit NO! No one wants that surprise!

Anal sex carries with it the unfortunate possibility of things getting messy. I know all about how feces generally aren’t stored in the rectum and anal canal and that they are instead stored in the large intestine until it’s actually time to take a dump but still, the concern is there.

When I fuck my wife in the ass, I have no concerns at all if my dick gets a little shitty. We can stop and clean up and go on with something else. The fact is though, that that has never happened. But if it happened while she was pegging me, I think it would be a lot grosser and I think she would find it more of a turn off than I would if it happened to my cock.

So that’s what I am worried about. But tonight, we are going out for dinner and I think after we have a nice dinner and a few drinks, we may end up giving pegging a go. Wish us luck.

5 thoughts on “Concerned About Being Pegged for the First Time”

  1. Try doing an enema an hour or two before pegging. Helps to get rid of most of the poo.
    Good luck with trying pegging!

    1. If that’s your thing, then enjoy it!

      I’ve heard some people like to take opposite roles in the bedroom to the role they normally have in daily life. So if you’re in charge of something in your daily life, you might prefer to be controlled in the bedroom, perhaps even made “her bitch”. Nice one!

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