Still Waiting


So we still haven’t done it. The strap on dildo is becoming something of an elephant in the room. And in a small way, something of a white elephant because being quite frugal I dislike spending money on useless stuff and a strap on dildo that goes unused definitely falls into that category. And we haven’t talked about her fucking me in a while either.

I don’t think we are avoiding talking about it, at least I’m not but I definitely thought we would have used it by now. However, we haven’t had anal sex in the time we’ve had the thing sitting in the closet so maybe that’s why. Our sex has been great lately, but no anal forays and no grabbing for the strap on. Maybe I just need to get her to try it on again and see what happens then…

If anyone else would like to share the story of their first time pegging and particularly, the catalyst for the first time or even just how you got your first time to happen, I’d love to hear! Leave a comment?

3 thoughts on “Still Waiting”

  1. It might take awhile. I remember it took like a month after I bought my strapon and dildo that I get to peg my play partner. We had talked about it and I even let him have a look and feel. Even discussed the best possible way to do it.

  2. Yeah. It had been a while since we bought it but I guess we just had to find the right time. And… we did! Last night, my wife fucked my ass for the first time and it was amazing. Just posted about it here.

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