Inside My Wife’s Behind

I just (last night) fucked my wife in the ass. I suppose I am supposed to be writing about her fucking me in the ass but it goes both ways. Last night it turned out to be her turn. Not that we take “turns”, that’s just the way it happened.

I like having anal sex with my wife. I’ve heard some men aren’t really into the idea of putting their cock in their wife’s behind but for me, it’s a pleasure. Physically and mentally, I love the taboo of it all. Licking her ass is something I also like to do whenever I’m down there. Why? Because it’s a little taboo. My wife makes it even more delicious by going a little quite when I do this. She doesn’t ask me to stop, and if ever there is something she doesn’t like she tells me, but she goes quiet like it’s naughty. Like she is surprised I would lick there.

My wife also fucks me in the ass with a strap on. I say “fucks” but in truth we have only done it once. So far. We both look forward to doing it again sometime soon. But you have to wait for the right time for things like this.

Anyway, last night my cock slid up my wife’s asshole and it all happened so quickly. Well, quickly for us, compared to how long we normally take about working up to anal sex. And I don’t mean just the warming up of her asshole; I also mean getting into the mood for it, etc. It takes a while. But last night it just sort of happened and I think her fucking my ass had something to do with it.

When she was pegging me, she was initially amazed at how tight I was when she was warming me up. Then when she was pushing the dildo (the one strapped to her crotch) up my ass, she was amazed at how far she could push it in and how quickly I could take it. I think this sort of convinced her that she could do it too and if that is what happened, last night she proved she could.

We were sitting at the table, talking about something that led to sex and then I said I wanted to cum in her ass. Then I slid the stuff that tends to accumulate on one’s table to the side and said, “Right here.” Well, without a word, she got up and bent over the table right then and there. I was a little surprised, unsure if she just wanted to play around or if she was really offering me her ass. Maybe she didn’t really know either. Well, I pushed her dress up, pushed her panties down and after unzipping, pushed my cock against her asshole.

Just resting there, I leaned forward to rest my chest against her back and kissed the side of her neck. Still nothing. I stood up and put a little saliva on my cock head and rubbed it against her anus. Still nothing. More saliva, more rubbing, still nothing. More saliva and I can’t remember if I slipped a finger in her ass at this point but it eventually got to where I was pushing against her, about to enter and finally I asked if she wanted my cock in her ass. “Yes.”

Slowly I went and she took most of me in her ass. Half way through I asked her to turn over. She did and I fucked her ass while she held her legs up. I asked if she was ok, did she want to stop. Normally, ass fucking for us (where I’m fucking her) doesn’t last very long (something like the picture only it’s not such a sad face) and it’s either just the end of a sex session or part of a sex session. Never before have we had anal sex unto itself. I asked her if she wanted to stop. She didn’t. She wanted me to cum in her ass. Ok!

I kept fucking her, the inside of her rectum soft against my cock head. It felt fucking good. We use condoms for vaginal sex to prevent conception but because we are monogamous and have both had blood tests, I feel we are both safe not using condoms for anal sex. However, I always wash with soap and water afterwards and try to pee as soon as possible. Back to the fucking… it felt really good. Also, it had been a couple days for me so I was ready to cum without too much hard work on her end. And I did. Cream-pie-ing her ass was awesome. And I’m wondering if all this was because I let her take her strap on dildo cock to my ass. If it was, well that’s like two birds with one stone, right there.

3 thoughts on “Inside My Wife’s Behind”

    1. You know, I’ve never been a guy who craves anal intercourse with a partner. I like it fine, but only if my partner wants it.

      I remember the first time I had anal with my wife. We were still just dating and fucking in the front seat of my car at the time. She was straddling me and riding me and on one of her up thrusts, she missed the target coming back down. After she caught her breath, we laughed about it. So, one stroke in and out and that was it.

      We got married a few months after that and about a month into our marriage we were fucking in the spoon position and she simply reached down and took me out of her vagina and pressed me against her anus. She’s always been very self lubricating so she was plenty wet down there. I eased in slowly and we had very enjoyable anal intercourse that night.

      I had a woman in Panama teach me analingus (rimming) before I met my wife. It felt so good that I would show any female that I’d had sex with more than a couple of times. I had a few who resisted but none who turned down seconds or more. Now the only female that reciprocated was the first in Panama but I understand that. It’s just not something that most people would want to do.

      My wife loves it and I think it’s what has led to her wanting anal intercourse a couple of times a year over the 43 years we’ve been married.

      A favorite position is for her to lay on top of me with her butt on my chest and her head between my legs, facing up. I pull her butt up enough to lick and tongue fuck her anus while fingering her vagina.

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