Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?

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I’ve already written about my concerns about getting pegged which touched on my concerns about the physicalities of the act and also about how it would make me look to my wife. I also briefly mentioned that I was worried about taking the submissive role. And, it isn’t easy to admit but I was also a little worried that getting fucked in the ass might make me feel gay.

I was just about to say “In hindsight” but that feels too pun-ny. So let’s just say that after the fact, I can easily say that my worries on that point were silly. But first let me take you back in time.

When I was an adolescent and discovering my body, quite a while after I discovered the joy of the thing sticking up in the air right in front of me, I discovered the strange pleasure that could be found behind me. I think at first, I just innocently enjoyed the pleasure but after a while, I started wondering if I was gay. I don’t think it seriously bothered me, I was seeing a girl at the time and very much enjoyed our trysts but there was a small part of me that wondered if, because I enjoyed putting things up my bum, was I gay.

Like I said, I don’t think all this bothered me too much but it wasn’t till a few years later that I realised, how could I ever wonder if I was gay when I never wondered about guys. All I was doing was enjoying my own body.

But then, before I let my wife fuck my ass with a strap on dildo, I did have a little fear that maybe getting pegged would make me question my sexuality. Would letting my wife do me in the butt make me want to search out men to do me in the butt too?

Turns out, no. And again, I should have realised that my desire to explore this area of sex play was a desire to explore it with my wife and not with a guy.

I’ve had this post in my head for a few weeks now and have finally gotten it down. I hope this post helps anyone reading to realise that any fear you have of doing this and that it might make you “gay” is unfounded. I recommend trying this with your wife too because if you like anal play by yourself, letting her do you is a lot of fun, more pleasure than I’ve ever experienced by myself and (at least in my wife’s case) she found it a lot of fun being the “fucker”.

*Apologies if this post makes it sound like it being gay is something to be ashamed of or something bad. It isn’t. But for a straight man to question his own sexuality, it is a difficult thing. It makes me realise why “coming out” must be difficult when it really shouldn’t be.

3 thoughts on “Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?”

  1. Hey I just wrote a post on anal sex for first timers, and I pegged my ex…interestingly enough I never wondered what issues he may have had, to admit he liked this sex act. Because he didn’t seem like he had a hard time telling me..but it is a taboo issue.

  2. ANAL SEX is great. I believe if you can give you should also receive. Luckily for guys they can choose the size of the peg. While use girls are stuck with what the mans got in your pants. This is a great way to separate the men from the boys.

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