Just Relax

Woman pegging man - just relax
“Just relax” she says

Until you are on the receiving end, you probably have no idea how difficult it can be to “Just relax” when someone want to put something up your bum. Even more so when that something is a cock or a strap on dildo (which is what I’ll talk about here).

It’s also very difficult to willingly put yourself into a position that gives your wife access to your ass. I’m a guy and it was and is difficult for me to take what I’ve known only to be the female position – lying on my back with my legs spread apart and in the air or kneeling in doggy position waiting for my wife to come up behind me with a dildo strapped to her crotch.

Part of what makes it so difficult is how sexy and feminine I find these positions – at least when I see my wife in these positions. So for me to get into these positions is difficult, mentally.

Back to relaxing. When your mental perceptions are being challenged; when you are in a position you are almost uncomfortable being in and your wife is approaching with a rubber dildo strapped to her, ready to fuck your ass, it’s not easy to relax. Despite wanting to let my wife fuck my ass, there is the paradox of not really wanting to “submit”.

Giving up control, relaxing, being the one to be penetrated is hard to do. It requires a confidence in yourself and huge trust in your wife.

If you can, though, the pleasure is amazing. Getting ass fucked by your wife while she jacks you off, your cock and balls covered in lube – the sensations are overwhelming.

6 thoughts on “Just Relax”

  1. Would you prefer your wife express her desire to peg you (indicating she’s “into it”) or are you okay with asking for it?

    1. I think I’d prefer if she expressed her desire to peg me. That way, I know we are both having fun when we’re doing it and also that it’s something she want to do (as apposed to thinking I’m wierd for wanting to do it).

  2. I understand your resistance—this is actually how I feel as a woman. I agree with how those positions are sexy and therefore difficult to get into mentally. Not wanting to submit. It’s a big part of what influences my own identity and desires.

    I also adore that photo. I have to thank you for that. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think pegging, or even just letting your wife kneel between your legs, pick them up and spread them wide so you’re in the “receiving” position and spread wide open – just that really can give you an idea of how vulnerable and submissive these postions can make one feel. Not to mention they can see everything.
      Now when I’m spreading her, I love what I see! But I’ve been very self concious when I’ve been in that postion with her because I know men and women are different – we love to look.

  3. My boyfriend and I are in a femdom relationship and are working towards pegging. We just use a butt plug right now. It’s interesting to hear about not wanting to submit to these feminine positions because in our relationship he is the feminine one the majority of the time, while I am the dominant one. We constantly say I wear the pants in the relationship. We are mainly waiting to stretch out his ass a bit before we try a strap on.

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