Ouch! Don’t Use This Lube

ouch not this lube

So normally my wife and I use a very nice, very body friendly lube that just works. It’s a water based lube so if it lasted a bit longer, that’d be nice. But all in all, it’s a good lube.

Recently we tried a new lube. All I can say is “Ouch!”, and “Don’t use this lube!”.

My Lube is Burning Me

This has never happened to me before but apparently it’s not uncommon for sex lube to give some people a burning sensation. According to this Reddit post, 2% of women are allergic to one possible ingredient.

And there are multiple ingredients that can cause reactions.

I’m a guy, and I didn’t see any stats about allergic reactions in men but I guess it must be about the same. So, I’m that 1 in 50. Bummer.

Oh, and the one that got me was Wet brand water based lube.

What Happened

wet originalMy wife was out, I had complete privacy. Wohoo! Time for some self-love.

I was enjoying myself and decided I was horny enough that I needed a little something more. Hello butt-plug.

I got the brand new bottle of Wet lube and while stroking my cock, I started rubbing some lube on my asshole.

The finger went in and pretty quickly I felt an uncomfortable burning, like I had some soap up my ass. I stupidly persevered and the burning kept burning. Ok, I guess I’m stupid but I’ve got limits. Time to stop.

The Chemicals

glycerolWhen you buy lube for your sexy bits, watch out for parabens and glycerins. Most places will tell you “This lube is paraben and glycerin free.” because it’s what most people who have ever experienced a burning sensation from lubricant are looking for.

I guess I’m allergic to  glycerin because looking at the label, there are no parabens in my bottle of Wet lube, at least that I can tell.

The Lube I Love

sliquid organicsWhat my wife and I have always used is Sliquid Organics Gel. (It was the first lube I ever used – an ex-girlfriend introduced me to it with the words “Never buy any other lube.”) At first we used normal Sliquid, but found the gel to be better.

Anyway, Sliquid Organics is the bees-knees and has never given me or my apparently sensitive anus any issues. I completely recommend this lube if you have ever had any burning sensation from any other lubricants.

And You?

Have you had any burning sensations from lube? – either vaginal or anal. What lube were you using and what lube do you use now?

3 thoughts on “Ouch! Don’t Use This Lube”

  1. I’m a big fan of Lush brand lube. I purchased it online. Btw, I really like your site. I am blessed with an incredible woman who I just recently told about my desire to be anally taken. First person on the planet to hear those words come out of my mouth. It is still embarrassing for some reason. Anyway, reading what you publish is a help. Keep it going.

    1. Hi W, glad to hear you like lush.

      I hadn’t heard of it so had a quick google. Turns out they have all the stuff people don’t want in their lubes these days! It has a paraben – methylparaben, as well as sugar – glycerin. I guess going up your butt is fine but it’s never a good idea to stick sugar up a woman’s vagina. Yeast eat sugar and indeed, glycerin, so putting a bunch of yeast food up a pussy is asking for a yeast infection.

      That’s why I love Sliquid. It’s a good lube, but it’s also safe for everyone.

      Anyway, back to the conversation you had with your wife/girlfriend? I hope she responded well to what you told her and by now, you two have tried pegging for the first time. I’d love to hear how it went! (And I’m sure everyone else reading here would love to hear that story too!)

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